Equine Assisted Coaching

Live the Experience of Equine Assisted Coaching @ Mangueta.

•If you feel the need to connect with nature

•If you want to understand more about yourself.

•If you want to alter any elements of your life.

•If you want to connect more deeply with yourself.

•If you want to find new direction or achieve new goals.

•If you want to set free any blocks or beliefs that don’t serve you.

•If you want to explore new horizons.

What is Equine Assisted Coaching (EAC)?

It is a very natural and effective way to work on identity, emotions, desires, actions and relationships amongst others, when things maybe not be going as we wish them to.  When  prepared to open up and explore new possibilities for personal advancement, EAC usually brings with a deeper learning, not just because of it being experienced out outdoors in nature, but for what one can glean (metaphorically speaking) from the responses and behaviours of horses when we are present in our truth.  It’s a totally confidential and safe process, in which there is no judgment, opinions or interpretations made by the coach, as it is designed to help clients find their own answers inside (with the help of the herd!) through powerful questions and observations. 

What can I expect from a EAC session @ Mangueta?

Upon arrival, most people who visit the Cortijo Mangueta, firstly become aware of the peace and nature in which the Mangueta herd of 14 runs freely. Framed by traditional Andalucian homestead, with its Moorish turrets and gargoyles gleaming against the indigo sun drenched sky up to 340 days of the year. The sounds of birds chattering, peacocks preening, the old olive and palm trees dancing with the breeze, the murmer of waves from the nearby beach of El Palmar, and so much more to connect the senses.  You will meet your Coach who will explain all safety considerations when being with horses. All work with horses is on land and no riding is involved, nor are you required to have any experience with them.  On entering the paddock your coach will elicit from you the challenge you wish to address during the session (normally 1.5 hours).  The horses that wish to participate in the session will do so by actively mirroring what they are sensing, offering metaphorical feedback for exploration and learning towards your goal.  The vast majority of clients who attend EAC, report feeling a positive shift in themselves that empowers them to take the right steps for them going forward.  

Who is the Coach @ Mangueta?

Jackie Lohan, a British subject who grew up in Spain, has accumulated over 30 yeas working in communication in Madrid, London and Dublin. In 2010 she started training as a coach, completing programmes to Master level in Neuro Linguistics, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, ICF Professional Coaching (L.I.T) and Equine Assisted Coaching with EICCE, Spain’s leading training academy.  Jackie has worked extensively with young adults and families, and in many areas related to communication, identity, relationships and motivation.  As well as offering individual sessions, Jackie also teams up with other EICCE certified coaches to offer focused workshops for personal development of groups, companies and families. See Coaching@Mangueta www……. for calendar of events.

“Since adding the EAC layer to my coaching practice, I’ve been witness to magical moments of client self discovery, as they become present with nature. 

For any questions about Equine Assisted Coaching at Cortijo Mangueta or bookings:

Jackie Lohan

Cortijo Mangueta

WhatsApp (0035)3872921444  

Individual sesion 1 1/2 hour =50 euro

We offer aswell:

•1-5 days Equine Assisted Coaching for Business groups
•1-4 days Equine Assisted Coaching  for families