Our Team

Luis Castrillon Montoto 

(Luis and Ermitaña)

Luis gives the lessons before the beachride & guide sometimes the beachrides. He trains our horses and takes care of all that is needed.

Manuel Jesus Oliva Salcedo

(Manuel & Candelo)

Manuel manage the stables , guides the beachrides and schools young horses up to high leves. He competes and teaches  in Doma Vaquera, Dressage & Alta Escuela.

Moises Sanchez

Mois guides the beachrides and is great in schooling young horses. He is giving instructions during  the lesson before we ride out to the  beach.

Marion Dragtstra 

(Marion and Jaqueton GS)

Marion organises the bookings and helps where needed at the stable or with the beachrides. Competes in dressage and gives lessons. She is from Holland and speaks Spanish, German, English and Dutch