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Jaqueton GS, CDE ( Hanoverian x PRE mix)

.Wallach/ guilding

1.74 m

6 year

Dark brown with an  copper shine. (The mother is a black hannovarian and the father a 1.74m pre buckskin)

Jaqueton GS has the best qualities of both breeds..very forward going and always willing to work. Great movements and a fantastic horse for the future to compete in a higher level since he has a huge motor. He does piaffe and has an amazing passage under the saddle already.  Lateral work in trot and canter confirmed. Backwards & canter counter and the simple gallop changes are confirmed aswell. He does nice walk pirouetes and starting the canter pirouetes.

For experienced riders only. He behaves very well at the blacksmid and loads easy into the trailer. He loves hacking out aswell. Ofcourse he can do spanish walk and he can be nice for Alta Escuela work too. A horse for the future! He competed in the young horse test last year and did very well.

Videos by Whatsapp. 

Price: 20.000<30.000 €



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