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PRE, 24 april 2016, Wallach, 1.60m

Pure bred Spanish horse with bloodlines from Yeguada Miltair. Very sweet caracter like the father and mother we have both here at the stable. He will be trained this winter and already had the saddle on and the first ride in the school.  Loves being with people and is very playful. He will be good for some dressage or alta escuela and hacking out.

Vater: Gitano LXX 

Mutter: Indiana LXXVlll

Wotan and Gina

He is registered  in the studbook ANCCE. 

Father Gitano LXX

Mother Indiana LXXVIII  & Wotan


3 Year old PRE stallion from one of the best studs in Spain:Yeguada de la Rosa.

A special colour: Bukskin with pearl shine.

Horses from this stud are known for their nice caracter.

1,60m high